Youth Division Clinician

Marvin E. Latimer

Marvin E. Latimer Jr. is currently Associate Professor, Head of the Music Education Department, and Assistant Director of the School of Music at the University of Alabama. He received a BME and MME from Wichita State University and a PhD in Music Education from the University of Kansas. Dr. Latimer taught secondary choral music in Wichita, Kansas and served as Assistant Professor of Music Education at Wichita State University prior to his appointment at Alabama. In addition to his work in education, he has been active as Church Choir Director, Community Choir Director, Performer, Music Theater Director and Producer, Technical Director, and Scenic Designer. He has published research in numerous journals and is a frequent presenter at state, national, and international music conferences and symposia. Dr. Latimer is Past President of the Alabama Choral Directors Association and Chair of the Organizational History Subcommittee of the ACDA Research and Publications Committee. 

Youth Division Info

Youth Division Dean

Melissa Hughey

Youth Officers

  • Chairperson: Natalie Murphy
  • 12th Grade Rep: Trent Hamner
  • 11th Grade Rep: Kathryn Stubblefield
  • 11th Grade Rep: Lara Hejazen
  • 10th Grade Rep: Peyton Barlow


Register for the Youth Division at Music & Arts Week if you are entering grades 7-12 or you graduated from high school in 2017. If you are entering the 7th grade, you may opt to register for the Children's Division instead if you so desire.


Guitar, signing, art, instrumentals, handbells, men's ensemble, women's ensemble, drama, photography, newspaper, dance, banners, and possibly others.

Note: Art and Banners require an extra fee of $15

What to bring

Bible, good attitude, comfy clothes and shoes, bug spray, toiletries, towels, sleeping bag (or sheets and blanket), pillow, swim suit, sunscreen, and paper and pencil. You can also bring other items for classes such as a musical instrument or a camera. You need to bring appropriate clothes and shoes if you want to participate in the ropes course, hiking, canoeing, or other outdoor activities during free-time. Youth campers need to bring "Sunday" clothes to wear for the concert. 

Evening Activities

  • Sunday: Small Group Ice Breakers
  • Monday: Game Night
  • Tuesday: Service Project
  • Wednesday: Folk Dancing
  • Thursday: Talent Show
  • Friday: Concert