About Us

What is Music & Arts Week

At Music and Arts Week (MAW), there is a lot of learning, singing, rehearsing, dancing, praising, and playing. Our camp is centered around the love of Christ we share for each other and for music and the arts. We consider each other family and Sumatanga is our home away from home.

MAW started in 1967 as the Youth Choral Workshop. A children’s week was added in 1982. The Fellowship, the organization that plans MAW every year, decided to merge the two camps into Music and Arts Week in the early nineties.

Our leadership selects choral directors from among the best in the USA to teach the children’s and youth choirs at Music and Arts Week. Our choral directors are hired to prepare our campers for a spirit-filled worship concert that culminates a week of fun and hard work. Campers spend two to three hours a day in various choral rehearsals. They also get to choose two “elective” classes from a list including handbells, liturgical dance, art, American sign language, liturgical banners, drama, worship leadership (vespers), guitar, instrumentals (depending on what instruments campers bring, typically marching band or symphonic), newspaper staff (creative writing), puppets, photography, videography, recreation, and more. Daytime activities may also include volleyball, swimming, canoeing, and hiking. Evening activities may include game night, folk dancing, scavenger hunts, movie night, and karaoke night. Another big event is the talent show. All campers are encouraged to enter, and there is a separate show for the children’s division and the youth division. Talent show acts in the past have included all kinds of instrumental soloists, dancers, vocal solo and small ensemble acts, juggling, acrobatics, ventriloquism, and a host of others. The campers are wonderfully supportive of each other, and the show is always entertaining.

The big event is the combined Children’s and Youth Concert on Friday night. Bring the whole family and a car-full of friends to hear the choirs sing, the bells ring, and the joyful noises raise the roof!